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Thoughts on Tom Brady being outplayed by a backup quarterback Nick Foles in 2018 Superbowl?

He also sacked whem his team needed him to score. If Brady outplayed him,how come Nick Foles received superbowl mvp . Foles didn't sack


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    I'm not sure I'd say Brady was "clearly outplayed" by Foles in that Super Bowl, but Foles was fantastic during that entire Super Bowl run and he also played really well in the big game. Foles did exactly what the Eagles needed him to do, time and time again, and as a result the Eagles won it all that year. And there's no shame in the Patriots/Brady or ANYONE losing to that particular Eagles team - they were great at QB and all over the field that entire year.

    On a side note, I'm still of the opinion that the Eagles made a mistake by putting all their chips on Wentz at the expense of letting Foles go. From what I've seen of Wentz both before and after Foles took over for him, Wentz hasn't been and may never be an overall upgrade over Foles in that offense, on THAT team, against top opponents. There's an "it" factor that Foles seemed to have in more than a few big moments against really good opponents that I have yet to see once, in any big moment against any great opponent, from Wentz.

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    Foles DID NOT OUTPLAY Brady, Brady had more passing yards and did not throw an int, Foles threw 1.

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    Nick Foles is clutch, he may not be that good but he makes the plays that matter the most, and he did this in the playoffs leading to the SB and in the SB, Eagles had a good defense that year but they gave up 30 points, that's a lot, Foles as a backup did more than enough and his MVP award and SB win is well deserved.

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    Brady had to play every position on the team. Foles didn’t.

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    In the end, it was up to the Patriots defense to do their work against Carson Wentz' backup quarterback, Nick Foles. They underestimated the backup power, and narrowly lost the game. (they almost won).

    Last year, and now this year, the Patriots defense is #1 in the National Football League and should be able to master any other team.

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    You're right. Nick Foles did outplay Tom Brady.

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