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How do I have an accent ?

So I was born and raised in New York, and Ive been told that I have an accent. My parents are korean but it’s not a korean accent, and I personally don’t hear it but people around me tell me that all the time. I also grew up in the hood and so, when I asked my friend if I got an accent when I talk local, she said no but when I talk normal, she said I do have a slight one. And I don’t understand how I have an accent when I was born and raised here and don’t even speak my language at home. I speak English with my parents, don’t speak korean a lot and my accent isn’t even a korean accent. I’ve always talked like this. Do I need an accent coach to help get rid of it or what because I do want to get rid of it, whatever it is. Now Please don’t tell me I don’t have to get rid of it, it’s not that I have to, it’s that I want to. And I know everyone has an ‘accent’ but you get what I mean so please don’t tell me that either.


My friend actually told me he thought I was Latina cause I sound a little Latina but I’ve never been to Latin America and the only Spanish word I know is hola 

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    There are several New York accents, and some of them sound latino, influenced by the Puerto Rican presence there. Italian-influenced and Yiddish-influenced accents are also widely heard. In Southern California almost everyone has a slight chicano accent, for obvious reasons. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. As long as you know how to speak formal English when the occasion calls for it, such as a job interview, a slight accent won't matter much. It may even serve you well as a conversational icebreaker.

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    "Do I need an accent coach to help get rid of it?

    there's no such thing as getting rid of an accent. All you can do is work on acquiring another accent, all day everyday

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    10 months ago

    I grew up in NYC and didn't realize I had an accent until I moved to CA. You probably have one. It's up there with the southern accent as one that tends to annoy a lot of people. It took me years to get rid of it, partly from assimilation, partly from conscious effort. I'll tell you the main thing to get rid of, that nasal short-a sound in word's like "man" and "bag" that sounds kind of like "air" without the final r. Try to pronounce it like the a in "had" and "cat." And watch out for the "aw" sound that creeps into words like "dog" and of course "Noo Yawk" which reminds me, there's also a subtle difference between "do" and "dew."

    BTW, if you think about it, most children instinctively adopt the accent of the majority of people around them, not their parents' accent.

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    Everyone has an accent. No exceptions. A trained linguist can pick where you went to school from your accent. We learn our accents from our peers in the schoolyard. There are quite a number of different accents in New York as there are in any large city. If you were raised in one area and move to another, you will sound slightly different to people in the new area.

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    You have a New Yawkorean accent? Awesome!

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