Is Chryslers V6 Pentastar Engine more powerful than the Civic Type R s VTEC 2 Litre Turbo?

I am a huge Chrysler guy and I think Asian cars are trash. My friend was saying how his Maxima with a CVt was good but also brought up the fact that his cousins Type R can smoke almost any car thats on the road right now.

I drive a Chryser 200S packed with a V6 I am pretty sure I can take on almost any car on the road. I have pretty much the same horsepower as a Type R.

I mean yeah there are Mustangs but those are turbo charged V8's and not many people like gas hogs

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    The Civic Type R will spank your 200S. It's torque curve, like most modern turbos is flat, it maintains peak torque from around 2500 RPM all the way to around 5000 RPM. It's a faster car. Also there are some Asian cars that are pretty nice. I'm a Ford guy, but there are some asian cars that I would not kick out of my garage.

    The Pentastar in transverse applications is a little down on power vs. the RWD models. The engine in your car is rated for 295 HP and 262 lb/ft of torque.

    C&D states that the 0-60 time would be 5.7 seconds with the quarter mile being 14,3 seconds, which is faster than most people would expect

    For the Civic Type R, 0-60 takes 5.1 seconds and a 13.8 second quarter mile time

    So on paper the Civic has and advantage

    "I mean yeah there are Mustangs but those are turbo charged V8's and not many people like gas hogs"

    There is no Mustang that has ever come from the factory with turbocharged V8. My 2016 GT's lifetime MPG is 21.2, on road trips it can get around 27 MPG. The fuel economy really isn't as bad as people think.

    • fodaddy19
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      It would be slower than the 200S as it's a noticeably bigger/heavier car. You would need a Charger R/T to run with a Civic Type R

  • Bill
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    1 month ago

    . wel put you car where your mouth is

    It might win a few races but then you will have to rebuild it but the others will still be racing

    Trash is reserved for american cars now

  • Ron
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    1 month ago

    Did you trade that Rogue in?

  • KaleyK
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    1 month ago

    The KC20C1 found in the Type R will generate 306hp with 295 ft pounds of torque.

    The Pentastar found in many Chrysler vehicles 305hp with 268 ft pounds of torque.

    That's pretty close in the stats. But here is a trick you can do with some Chrysler products that cannot be done with the Honda; at the starting line, shift the vehicle in to 4-wheel drive. The application of power to all four wheels will out jump the Honda off the line. Don't forget to shift to 2-wheel drive before you get too much speed!

    • KaleyK
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      The Pentastar is available in Jeep vehicles, nearly all of which are 4-wheel drive. A Wrangler is no race car but it does have the engine.

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