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Could my mom be developing a psychosis? ?

On Friday she picked me up from work and she claims that this man came up to her car and said there was a rock or nail in her tire. For some reason she was fixated on this incident and she claimed that this man was trying to lure her out and attack her or kidnap my son who was in the back seat at the time. She's been going on and on about it for 3 days straight. Today she notices the rock in her tire that the man was talking about. She got me and my siblings worked up over absolutely nothing at all and when I called her out on it she started changing the story saying "well he was a creeper" and "why was he looking at my truck?" She drives a huge suburban and it's not hard to notice. I'm seriously pissed off and concerned about her mental health. That went WAY too far! 

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    Women who have expectations that man are "out to get them" is not an unusual pathology. It is not by itself psychosis, but it may be considered a low level of irrational paranoia.

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    she might not be , that couldve really happened

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Sounds like you are the one with the problem, troll. You imagined all of this. You do not have a job and your mom too elderly to drive.

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    No way. She was just scared.

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