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China should be outlawed and vilified for its proactive endorsement of an Islamic nuclear bomb. True or false?

China has flouted all the rules of engagement dictated by US allies concerning the matter of global security and governance.

They have been proactive in assisting an Islamic nation develop its first nuclear weapons by testing those very weapons on its own soil.

No Islamic nation has ever possessed nuclear weapons, except for Pakistan, which could only have happened with China's proactive involvement.

Consequently, China should be outlawed and vilified for its proactive endorsement of an Islamic nuclear bomb.

True or false?

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    No more than they should be for other humans right violations, why is it a crime for an Islamic nation to get the bomb when there is a Jewish state that has plenty secretly for years? I prefer no countries get the bomb but that is their business not ours. I don't care if Iran gets the bomb, prefer they didn't. I would rather Iran have it than Liddle Kim in NK. We are not the boss of other countries and they will do what they do but we were respected till Trump came into office. Trump has put babies in cages and engaged in unpatriotic and criminal behavior while in the WH so Trump has no credibility in calling them out for anything. Iran is not a foolish country and they would never use Nukes, Israel would make them extinct fast if they used them against them. Saudi's are probably already buying the tech from Fat Donnie. They too would face annihilation if they ever attempted to use them. Much like India and Pakistan...they know what the costs are and none are suicidal. It is inevitable Iran gets nukes , especially after the failed President, Fat Donnies pullout from the agreement. If we bombed Iran, we would think 9/11 was a pushover....Iran would release world wide terrorists attacks against us here at home too. I have a lot of Persian friends. In fact I was just visiting a friend a few days ago who fled Tehran when revolution took place, he was a Persian Jew, we were at his beach home watching the Jennifer Lawrence wedding entourage fill up the streets near his house, he is a block from Belcourt Castle, he is filthy rich, he makes Trump look just rich. I won't say who he is but he is also in real estate and has met Trump numerous times. I met him in Netherlands on business trip and we remained friends till today. He actually likes Trump nothing negative to say about him...go figure, although he doesn't think he should be President. 

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  • Bill
    Lv 6
    7 months ago

    now how do you know for a fact that china has been testing islamic bombs on china soil

    Again what makes you think that america has any right to dictate who has nuclear weapons

    America is a just a bully country that has indoctrinated the masses with fears of an attack from anybody so they are deadly scared of somthying happening . What is worse now is that the world is starting to ignore america and is leaving it behind in everything global

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    "dictated by US allies concerning the matter of global security and governance."

    Oh so it's not a Chinese law then is it, does or even should China bow down to US control of trade and alliances?, would America do the same if the situation was reversed? want to control what they can do....but they cannot control US poicy, does that sound even remotely fair to you, or does it sound maybe a touch bigoted?


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  • 7 months ago

    and just how do you outlaw a country ?

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