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Burbank or LA city?

Hey there, am going to LA next month well more specifically Burbank for an event, however I dont know if I should stay for my 4 day trip in Burbank or LA city. What do you recommend. Or is it worth it to split my stay between burbank and LA city? Or just LA and go to Burbank just for my event or is burbank worth exploring. Thank you

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  • 11 months ago

    Oh Christ, Burbank all the way, unless you want heroin addicted homeless people to claw your eyes out.  Los Angeles proper is a complete and utter s*** hole.  All the cool stuff is far away from downtown.  Griffith Park isn't too far from Burbank, as is Universal Studios theme park and the Getty Center.  The only things I'd risk my life to see in LA are the Broad, LACMA and Natural History museums.  I recommend the South Bay beach cities if you want to check out beaches.

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