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Why has my hair become so dry, fizzy, and ugly?

I used to have great hair. It was shiny and smooth, and had a natural volume where I parted it (almost like a cow lick). I used to have it in a flip over style but for some reason it stopped working so I switched to a middle part. It looked really good at first, because my hair was still smooth and had good volume at the part. However, starting about 4 months ago, my hair has become dry, frizzy at the bottoms, and my hair literally falls straight down from my part. I hate it, and I don't even like going to school anymore because I think it looks so bad. Some context: I've been taking a high dose of welbutrin daily for about 10 months, if that affects anything. I shower and wash my hair daily because it gets greasy and i get dandruff. How can I make my hair go back to normal? It just feels so lifeless.


I get my hair trimmed every 1-2 months

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    Sounds like you are not keeping your ends clipped and you are getting split ends that travel up the shaft each time you comb or brush it. Also, be careful not to tangle your hair when you wash it and do not use hot water.

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    use a conditioner,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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