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Peaky Blinders - Is Romanian a cool language to learn?

I really want to learn a second language and I was thinking why not learn something obscure and cool like Romanian. The British gangster drama Peaky Blinders inspired me to learn this language because the main characters are descendants of Romani gypsies. Even though Romani is different from Romanian (at least I think so) there are a lot of Romani in Romania. Since its a romance language it wont be too hard to learn for an english speaker. Do you think I would be wasting my time and I should learn Spanish or french instead or would it be cool to learn Romanian? 

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    Romanian is more difficult than the other romance languages. It has declensions like Latin, and the pronunciation is challenging.

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    You may think Romanian would be easy because it's a Romance language, but it has a very heavy connection to the Slav languages. If you already know Russian and Italian you'll be well on your way, but if not, your reasons for learning it won't stand up to the difficulties you're going to encounter.

  • John P
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    It might be fun to learn a fairly minor language such as Romanian, but it would only be useful in Romania in present times, or if your were dealing with (possibly illegal) Romanian incomers to Britain. Peaky Blinders is set in times between the two world wars.

    In structure Romanian looks like a weird sort of upside-down Latin, with additions from various other European languages. The name Romania comes from the fact that that part of Europe was designated a farming area for retired soldiers of Roman legions in the time of the Roman Empire.

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    It sure will set you apart, but do you have people to practice with? Every language needs to be used. We esperanto-speakers do it through the internet and by going to meetings. Does that exist for Romanian where you live?

    and yes, Romani and Romanian are not closely related to eachother at all

    btw questions about the answerer are not allowed here.

    I cannot tell you whether peoiple who speak Spanish or French are in demand in your area. What I can tell you is that if you are serious (like wanting to become a translator), less widely taught languages are far more promising. Google "critical languages"

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    Learning another language is always nicer when you have other people to talk to. If you have lots of pals that speak Romanian, then that would be a good language to learn. Otherwise, I'd say Spanish, if you live in the western hemisphere, would be more helpful.

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    Romanian and Romani are nothing like each other. Romanian is a Romance language. In its written form it is similar to island Italian but has very different pronunciation. Romani is an Indo-Aryan language with similarities to regional languages in Southern India. The language used in Peaky Blinders is Angloromani - a portmanteau English dialect containing a lot of Romani words and syntax. Some Angloromani words that have slipped into local English are kushti (good), chav (working class man - originally brother).

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    NO IT IS NOT>>>>

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