In the TV show Friends, did they ever tell us what happened with Chandler and Joey's chick and duck?

They got them in season 3 I think. In season 4 the chick had turned into a rooster that crowed in the morning.

Then after a few more episodes, I don't recall seeing them any longer.

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  • 10 months ago
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    In a later series I believe they get a new chick and duck and when it turns out they can't keep them Joey says "maybe Chandler can take them to that farm he took the other ones too", so it seems that they died and everyone told Joey they had just been taken to a farm.

    I'm guessing the writers forgot about them or just didn't want to include them any more storylines, then they turned it into a little joke in a later series.

  • Nancy
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    10 months ago

    Yes.  There was a whole episode.

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