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Is it safe for an American to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina ?

hi, well, if any argentine reads this, i'm wayne, from colorado, usa, and i am an adventure-seeking young man, is it safe for an American to visit Buenos Aires? 

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    It's going to be as safe as visiting any big city anywhere. What, you think the Argentines have some special animus towards Americans?

    Argentina is a pretty safe country overall. However, as in all big cities, you will need to be observant and wary, keep an eye on your wallet, don't get too drunk or high on drugs, because otherwise, you may be an easy mark for criminals. Just watch your own back.

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    As safe as visiting anywhere else. Most of the time, leaving the US increases your safety. Buenos Aires is a stable, relatively affluent city. It's safer there than in Brazil, for example, where millions of people are kept poor and desperate.

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