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Gain knob on my Fender Blues Jr isn't doing much. I changed the tubes and checked everything I know how. Still not doing much...Amy Ideas?

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  • Me2
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    11 months ago

    When you say "gain knob", do you mean the volume control or the master control?  I think I've never seen "gain" on any Blues Junior...

  • 11 months ago

    The piece of information you haven't provided is whether this is a new development or if the amp has always behaved this way. I'm wondering if the amp is functioning properly, but your expectations or understanding of the gain control are the issue. Please forgive me if I'm stating info you already know.....

    Gain controls the input level to the pre-amp stage of the amp. You might also think of it as a sensitivity control. It's NOT a distortion knob, although it can be used to achieve some amount of overdrive. If the signal going into the pre-amp is high enough, it can cause the pre-amp to distort. But there is more involved to input level than the gain control. The level of signal from the guitar also plays a huge part. Some pickups have higher gain than others...single coils are generally lower gain than humbuckers. The master volume on the guitar also plays a part. If it's anything less than full, you won't get as much effect out of the amp's gain.

    There are tube sets that are designed to get higher gain (less headroom) from the Blues Jr:

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