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*If* I traveled to Quebec from Alberta and did/said all THIS, what would be the consequences?

For starters, I am so mad at French Canadians! I've always had a low opinion of those bastards, but the federal election a few days ago, they really did it this time! 😡

Anyhow, I would wear a cowboy hat and sport the bad boy/country boy image, not like the soyboys throughout Quebec. 

-I go into shops and cafes and "tell" the cashiers in clear English to "not speak that French gibberish to me" and "give me a coffee and a loaf of bread, NOW!" All while scowling at them.

-Flip off 🖕 everyone in sight.

-Go into a Quebecois bar and rant in clear English at everybody; That the French language is pointless, is gay, is gibberish and has no place in Canada. That Quebec men are f*ggots and worthless. That Quebec women are fat pigs and need to lose weight. That Albertians work hard for a living and push our own weight, whereas Quebecois stuff their bellies with poutine and sleep all day. And that "French f*ggots" annihilated Canada!

It's not like French Canadians would speak English or understand what I say.

Look, I wouldn't actually say this, but I'm rather tempted. I'm just so angry at Eastern Canadians, especially the Quebecois. 

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    Nothing would happen because it is obvious you never leave your trailer park.

    You might want to work on your anger issues, skippy.

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    LOL how immature are you?

    1. For starters, the police could be called and at the very least you would be escorted off the property and banned from the establishment and at best, you would be charged with causing a disturbance. If you were charged, you would have a court date and face up to 6 months in jail and/or $2000 fine.

    2. See Point #1, the bar would very likely have the cops called in and you'd be escorted off. Also, you would likely get your *** kicked by several of the customers and bouncers, probably end up in the hospital etc!

    You have some very serious growing up to do, very! Not to mention you are also demonstrating ignorant, sexist, and racist behaviour. I wouldnt be surpised if you had some serious mental health issues going on, because normal sane minded people don't go around behaving like you.

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