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Why do we consider things that happen to us funny if they happen to other people?

As everyone knows, there is not one single thing out there that only ONE person in the world has to go through. It can be really stressful or embarrassing for them, but sometimes if they see it happen to other people, it s funny. Why is it that things are only funny to us if we see them happen to others?

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    I've met people who witnessed me do clumsy things and laugh at me only for them not much later to make a stupid mistake of their own. Upon me laughing at them they got angry. I called them a pathetic hypocrite, and they shut their face very quickly. :D I've had people hold extreme grudges against me because I laughed at them. Everyone makes mistakes, most will laugh at your mistakes, but if you're going to be insecure about how people react to your mistake, make sure to keep your mouth shut when you witness somebody else do the same. That's what I'd say to people. It depends on your level of ego. The more mistakes you make, the less making mistakes will bother you. If you're somebody who tries to be perfect, your mistakes will only hurt you all the more. People will think they're better than you until you personally make it understood to them that they're not. There are mistakes only children laugh at. For instance somebody tripping or hurting themselves. If somebody laughs at you tripping over and nearly breaking your neck, it's only more of an insult to themselves that they're still that mentally immature.

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    Wrong forum. It's a psychological issue, not a philosophical one. Fail. 

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