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Will I be able to have the experience everyone else had in highschool?

I'm in the last semester of grade 12 and honestly had a pretty crappy highschool experience. I was never invited to any party I even asked people and they would bs me because they didn't want me to come. I am a really friendly person I never disclude anyone and speak to everyone it's just I am not that funny and I say stupid things when I am nervous in social situations. I once had friends when I was in grade 10 for 3 months sadly they turned out to be fake and stop hanging out with me because I wasn't popular. I really want a girlfriend but I am not attractive and have a terrible personality and I am so depressed for it. I have so much stuff about me that make me unique and a lot of passion in certain things but when I talk about it others aren't interested. I am way too nervous to ever talk to a girl because I was friendzoned every time and just never had the experience. I really have no ambition and don't know what to do because as I get older I won't have the time and other people won't have the time and energy to be doing stupid teenager stuff. I do drugs alone everyday and the pain just doesn't go away the only people who are nice to me are my plugs.

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    Oh my goodness, see a therapist. You are very unhappy, and are being so mean to yourself. Stop the drugs, or at least get them under control because they are going to leave you stuck in your current mindset. Things won't get better with drugs, except for the very rare moments when one has low tolerance and gets to experience a short period of positive. And each time that happens, the swing back into depression will only make the depression feel worse.

    Now, in answer to your question, if you take care of yourself you will have all sorts of experiencing. Some people go through life living off their high school experiences, but so many of us want to forget high school because leaving home, getting a job, going to college, getting involved with others in our passions (whether art, sports, or something else) was a far better high than you can imagine. Now, stop going around thinking you're unattractive, unpopular, no sense of humor, terrible personality. That's not going to help you meet a girl. You have the right to be you. If you can learn to hold your head high and like yourself, you will discover all sorts of opportunities, friendships, and possibilities. See a therapist, because what you are saying is way too mean. Constructive self criticism can be useful, but outright insults is just plain wrong.

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    You're still young. Trust me going to parties will lead to you smoking drugs. What do you think happens at parties?

    Sex drugs and buying more drugs.. When I was in 12th grade I got invited to a party then I got drunk , then I smoked weed , and I met people . Then I got invited to another party after HS was over and I started doing meth. Now I look back and wish I would've just stayed home .

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      i want sex more than everything. I would do literally anything knowing I'll be rewarded with beautiful girl

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    I have never partied in my high school years. Prom and formals are a no for me.

    Education is important than partying.

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