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Did I play this poker hand wrong?

Blinds are 4000/2000 4000 ante that the big blind has to pay, I was the big blind and had 8000 commuted already, 48000 back. We are playing ten handed on the final table, average stack is 96000. I have pocket aces, there were 3 callers of 4000 and I raise to 14 000, should I have just went all in? I got one caller, the flop comes 336, And I shove all in and the guy calls and he has A3. What would you do?


Everyone after me made money

Update 2:

this is a nl texas hold em tourney

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    There are other ways you could have played it, but when you're sitting on a stack half the size of the average and you get pocket Aces you're generally going to get all your money in the pot and either double up or get eliminated.

    Yeah, maybe you could have shoved pre-flop and maybe the guy wouldn't have called with A3 so you'd win the blinds, but when you're short stacked and staring at AA you're not thinking about stealing blinds, you need to take a shot at doubling up and getting back into it.

    Maybe you shouldn't have shoved once you saw a pair on the board, since you know your opponent could have 3 of a kind, but at that point you're committed and he would have forced you all-in.

    So no, I don't think you did anything fundamentally wrong, you just got beat because the cards weren't in your favor on that hand.

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    I think I probably would have gone all in preflop but raising is also fine.  

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    What would I do after I see the A3?  Probably mutter to myself and leave the table.

    20K in the pot, and I have half the average stack, yes, I would have shoved preflop.  Doesn't mean the outcome would have changed at all.

    (also doesn't mean I'm correct, I'm not a professional)

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