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How big of a tank for 2 common goldfish?

I know that it is about 40 gallons. I need this to show my family so they might stop putting 2 commons in a half gallon.

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    When they're young you can definitely do a 29 gallon minimum. Obviously bigger is better. 40 for a single adult and then another 20 for each additional adult is the rule I usually go by. 

    In a half gallon, the goldfish are subjected to high levels of ammonia and literally do not have space to grow. These poor conditions stunt their growth, but some internal organs will continue to develop, causing many painful deformaties. Even for people who dont think of fish as living feeling things, forcing them to live in the equivalent of a closet without any plumbing is cruel and shortens their lifespan. Goldfish can regularly live 20 years and grow 12" plus. Hopefully your parents are understanding!

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    A good rule is ever inch per fish there should be gallon of water. So if your fish are about 2in then there should be about 4 or more gallons

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    i would ask someone at a petstore this question

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