General Hospital: I think Shiloh is still alive! He's faked his death many times before! Also, I think Sasha will turn out to be Nina's?

real biological daughter after all! I'm so sick of Jax always blaming Sonny or Dev every time his stupid daughter Josslyn gets into trouble! She is no saint! That girl has been behaving like a robot ever since "the love of her life" Oscar died! She hasn't even cried over him! Not one tear! This is just not normal!

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  • 8 months ago
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    1. I think he's alive too- They never saw his body, which is a telltale sign he's alive! I bet he either swam to shore or was pulled out by an accomplice, and will show up in a few months, likely during May sweeps

    2. I doubt she will- But I do think she will turn out to be Lisel's unknown daughter though, making her Nina's cousin. There have been too many comments on the show about how she resembles Britt, that's a sign of things to come, which likely means Faison is the father (again).

    3. Yes she has.

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  • Erik
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    8 months ago

    "The love of her life"?  When I used to watch GH a few years ago (before they got rid of Jason), she was a freakin baby.

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  • 8 months ago

    I believe that Shiloh is dead, and I think that Willow is Nina's daughter not Sasha

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