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Travel itinerary... Help!?

So I have an  upcoming 4 1/2 days  trip to LA and I have an event on burbank CA on the 3 day of my trip however I want to explore LA and i am also hoping to get to see the grand canyon. I was kinda thinking to see the Grand Canyon on my first 2 days of my trip and then leave for LA however do you know any cheap way to make that happen. Or Would it be cheaper to arrive to LA and from there go to the Grand Canyon or do I flight directly to the Las Vegas or flagstaff and book a tour with a company to the Grand Canyon. Any suggestions would be very appreciated, if you see any other and better way please share. Thank you.

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  • MS
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    11 months ago
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    I would not travel first to LA and then try to go from there to the Grand Canyon.  If the first 2 days includes your first travel day, and then you have to be in Burbank on day 3, then I would fly directly to as close to the Canyon as you can afford.  Flagstaff is the closest, but it's not usually all that cheap.  There are usually affordable flights to Vegas, and I agree that a helicopter trip from Vegas to the Canyon might be the best bet with a short time frame.  Then you can pretty easily get from Vegas to LA. 

  • Daniel
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    There is no way that you are going to work that in.  There is seasonal service from LAX to Flagstaff, but I don't know if that works in your schedule--chances are that you will have to change planes somewhere and it will probably eat up most of the day just trying to get there.  Then it is a couple of hour drive to the park.

    By the time you get there, you will have about as much time to enjoy it as the Griswolds in National Lampoon's Vacation before you have to leave.

  • Hannah
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    250 miles from Vegas to Flagstaff

    90 miles from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon

    500 miles from the Grand Canyon to Los Angeles

    840 miles is a lot for 4.5 days if you are driving.  

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