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Fun summer traveling job?

I went from part time to full time at a job I use to love, but now Im starting to hate it (lazy coworkers, and under pay) and I don’t want to quit (good benefits) but I need a temporary break from it. 

I live near Chicago and I would like a summer job, but Chicago doesn’t offer much outside the retail/restaurant jobs.

I’m look for something that’s more environmental. I’m open to traveling but I would need the job to pay for temporary housing, and only be a summer long.

I only have an associates in science right now. 

Some Ideas~

Wildlife Sanctuaries 

National Parks

Assistant Tour Guide (Not sure if it’s a thing but when I studied aboard our tour guide had an assistant to help out).

Cruise Ships

Disney or Universal Parks (but not retail. Perhaps maid)

Every time I think I found a summer job I either missed the deadline to apply or I can’t find the application. 


I also forgot to add environmental research/studying wildlife. 

It also doesn’t have to be a whole summer long. It can also be a job that is only for a few weeks. 

Just something to spice up my summer. 

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