Does every single guitarist Ozzy played with top what Iommi does?

my friends were saying every guitarist from Rhoads to Gus G have topped anything Iommi does.

Rhoads was very technical and did classical music like no one can. Used a bunch of weird chords and had memorable solos.

Jake did no wrong. His phrasing and execution and Rhythm playing are probably the best in all of Ozzy's players.

Brad Gillis was also great when he played Randy's stuff.

Zakk was a blues and hard rocker shredder to me more than a metal guy.

But I feel like they all don't have the tone and riff playing that Iommi does. Iommi approached songwriting differently than all of those. He would have 3 or 4 riffs in one song, the song wwould change tempo, then it would go back to the original riff which I think is cool. None of those guitarists I named could do that.

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    Tony Iommi was never the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. You can compare Randy Rhoads to Jake E. Lee and compare Jake E. Lee to Zakk Wylde, but they were all on Ozzy's payroll. They were all tasked with writing original music for the Ozzy Osbourne band, and everybody that came along after Randy Rhoads was expected to be able to play the existing songs in Ozzy's catalogue as well as writing and recording and performing new ones. 

    I think Randy Rhoads was an exceptional guitarist, and I think that everybody would agree that the two records he recorded with Ozzy were the best albums that Ozzy has to his name. "Blizzard of Ozz" is easily one of the strongest debuts in music history. I don't think anybody expected that record to be as staggeringly brilliant as it was. And the follow up was also fantastic. 

    I think Jake E. Lee is a talented player, but at the end of the day, the man is a session musician. He's got chops, but in terms of his songwriting talents, he's nothing to write home about. Of the two records that he recorded with Ozzy, there are maybe a small handful of decent tracks. Of course, there are snippets of brilliance throughout, but anybody who knows anything about guitar playing knows that while Jake E. Lee is a talented player, he's not exactly doing anything that puts him in a class by himself. he played Randy's songs, wrote a few o his own - mostly rubbish with good leads on them, and was dismissed. End of story. 

    Zakk Wylde was a Randy Rhoads fanatic. He could play every lead note for note and knew Randy's songs in and out, back to front. Zakk was a much better songwriter than Jake E. Lee, and while his first outing with Ozzy was largely forgettable, "No More Tears" was a very solid album. Zakk had style, he had his own way of doing things, he was a lot less flashy than Jake E. Lee, he didn't go in for a lot of the same over the top type of effects - he was a very meaty player who had his own particular tone. I remember reading interviews with Ozzy's band members, and the guitar techs just couldn't understand how Zakk managed to get that sound out of his rig. Whenever one of the guitar techs would set up for him, it would just feed back constantly. But then Zakk would walk up there and it would sound brilliant. The guy has got a certain touch that a lot of players just don't have. 

    Gus G is just another hired gun. I think he's capable enough, but he doesn't impress me very much. And the original material he recorded with Ozzy sucked. 

    I don't consider Brad Gillis to be a full-fledged member because he never recorded a single original with Ozzy. Even before they'd done the "Diary of a Madman" tour, Ozzy was trying to convince Randy to record an album of Black Sabbath covers and Randy was really against it. Brad Gillis had no such qualms, but you know what? That "Speak of the Devil" live album is just terrible. That's not how Black Sabbath songs were meant to be played. Brad Gillis may have worked out if they'd cut a proper record together, but we'll never know. 

    Iommi is the Godfather of Metal. The guy composed practically all of the best Metal riffs of all time. And you know what? He was no slouch when it came to leads either - it's just that he was into that boxy, bluesy type of stuff. But anybody who says that Iommi wasn't a capable guitarist is crazy. Keep in mind that the man suffered a debilitating injury just prior to the recording of Black Sabbath's debut and he had to tweak his playing to be able to deal with the new reality. He's a stellar songwriter, the greatest riffmaster of all time and a very solid player by anybody's measure. Not to mention that his style and his tone were extremely influential on practically everybody who came after him. Iommi is and always has been Black Sabbath. And while the band has its fair share of dreck, their good stuff positively shines. Iommi's place in music history is well solidified and guaranteed, and he deserves all of the praise and respect and admiration he receives and more.  

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      my main problem with Brad is that he uses the whammy way too much he is a huge EVH fan but cannot use it with Ozzy.

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