Ranger s Apprentice/Royal Ranger books in order?

I tried looking this up, but couldn t find anything. So I ve read all the Ranger s Apprentice books except for the Royal Ranger, then the actual Royal Ranger series. I m wondering (out of the Royal Ranger series) which ones take place first. Obviously the one under the Ranger s Apprentice title will come first, but I m really just asking if Duel at Araluen, or The Red Fox Clan comes first. Because when I went to the actual website for John Flanagan, The Red Fox Clan is labeled as book 2 in the series, and it says it "picks up right where The Royal Ranger: A New Beginning left off", but Duel at Araluen isn t labeled at all. I m just confused. So my understanding of it right now, is

1. Ranger s Apprentice: The Royal Ranger

2. Royal Ranger: The Red Fox Clan

3. Royal Ranger: Duel at Araluen


One thing I forgot to mention was that I've also read all the Brotherband books. 1-8. So where does Duel at Araluen fit into that? I assume it was before the Heron got destroyed...

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