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How do I figure out chemical to water ratio for floor scrubber?

There’s the ratio on the back for floor scrubber my floor scrubber holds 12 gallons of water how much chemical do I add please tell me how you figured it out. Also I have a dilution system I can hook it up to if you think that would be easier to add a chemical in with the water already diluted if so how would I figure that out?

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    The instructions seem quite clear to me:

    For light cleaning , using hand mop or floor machine:

     You are told to dilute 3oz concentrate to 1 gallon water

    If you have 12gallons water , you require 12 X 3 oz = 36 ounces. of concentrate.

    Coming from a metric country I have little idea what 3 ounces per gallon represents ( I understand that ounce is a unit of mass and gallon a unit of volume ) But I am sure you can go from here.

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