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What does "nudge" and "jargon" mean in the following sentence?

PETER RYAN: The ATO is about to begin a 'nudge' campaign. So is that ATO jargon that could end up in not just a reminder but audits and fines?

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    nudge (in Yiddishh) means a little push

    jargon means a specialized language for people in the same line of work

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    It seems that Mr. Ryan himself is unsure of the meaning of the jargon phrase "nudge campaign".

    The interviewee explains in the next paragraph.


    JAMES O'HALLORAN: You're certainly right. The term we have tended to use is 'nudge', but certainly there's 4,000 we will be writing out to, who appear to pay late quite regularly. There's another 2,500 with more than 50 employees who, again, also appear to be paying well and truly late. And they are required to come forward.



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