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In hockey, what is the difference between icing and offside?

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    Offside is an offensive player entering the defensive zone before the puck. Whistle blown, faceoff in the neutral zone outside the defensive zone. Icing is when a team on the power play or at even strength passes or shoots the puck from their side of the center red line and the puck crosses the end line either side of the goal in the defensive zone (if it enters the goal it's a goal) and the defense touches the puck first (at some levels of the game, it is automatic or 'no-touch' icing.  Shorthanded teams are allowed to ice the puck. When icing is whistled, the faceoff takes place in the neutral zone on the offending teams side of the center line.

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  • Icing is sending the puck down the ice (from behind the red centre line) while at even strength or on a power play and having the other team touch the puck first or have the official blow a no-touch icing. Faceoff ends in the opposing team's offensive zone. The team that committed the icing can't change lines.

    Offside is having the player (not the puck) enter the offensive zone first. Can happen shorthanded, at even strength, or on a power play. Faceoff is in the neutral zone, NOT in a team's offensive zone. The team that was offside can change lines.

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    Well, um, icing happen when the puck come down, bang you know, before the other guys you know. Nobody there, you know. My arm go comes up then the game stop then start up. - Denis Lemieux. 

    Offsides happens when you cross the other team's blue line before the puck.  

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    ice is frozen milk

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    offside is the player crossing the blue line before the puck, pretty much the same idea as offsides in soccer.  Offensive players can't just hang out in the other team's zone and wait for the puck (or ball in soccer).

    Icing is sending the puck the length of the ice.  Sort of a delay of game type of penalty. Well, not exactly but that is the purpose: to prevent useless stalling by just tossing the puck as far away as you can send it.

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