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Drop out at 16?

I will drop out now. My mother doesn't want me to but I will do so. No I don't have a plan no I don't care to have a plan I just want to be out of school it's annoying and stressful and I give up I really don't care. Now to the real question....Any job recommendations that I can maintain that aren't DIPLOMA related out there? Thanks.


It's a shame that you will be no use to yourself too but hey I don't care, do you. @.

Update 2:

This isn't a troll. Only kids would think such a thing. Also I am getting a GED but i'm just not getting a diploma, stop being ignorant if you're not going to answer with maturity and go entertain another question. Please, thank you.

Update 3:

By the way, there are jobs that hire without diplomas "dumbazz" and I won't be a leech on behalf of anyone. Mind your business.

Update 4:

It's crazy to dropout at 18 then you might aswell complete it. Also call me an idiot but there's so many successful people out there that has dropout including Nba YoungBoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Harry Styles, Jay Z, Ryan Gosling, etc. and so much more. I don't know why I even bothered asking but for the people being mature, honest and opinionated and supportive to my decision and agreeing to disagree on your part I appreciate you greatly. Thank you for answering it does have effect to my thought x

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    Actually , dropping out of school at 16 isn't a bad idea. There are people who drop out of school for a number of reasons, such as being a parent, taking care of sick relatives, school is not for them, and the list goes on. I cannot STAND people who say that dropping out of school is dumb, because I've seen the most uneducated person drop out of school and I bet half of the people in the nation is listening to his music every day. NBA Youngboy dropped out and became famous, Jennifer Lawrence, Keanu Reeves, Harry Styles, Christina Applegate, JayZ, Whoopi Goldberg, Ryan Gosling, and the list goes ON! (yeah I'm going to be freaking redundant) . Its sad how people try to reiterate to others that getting an education is the only way to be successful... well listen up babes, its another way to do it. I know people who work on cars for a living and probably make more than someone else's mortgages just in one week! Salaries be dumb higher than teachers. So think twice before trying to discourage a person who is willing to drop out to be successful because if you'd think hard enough, there are strippers who can make 10x ya rent. 

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    You should have stayed I'm not trying to judge but you should have. Most of the jobs in the world require a college experience or at least finishing High School. Some jobs you can get without a college or High School experience is probably just working at restaurants or small businesses. 

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    You need some form of education now a days for even the most menial jobs.   If you can get your GED I would look into that, but honestly don't fall for the disgracefulness that is The public schooling system, I would look into charter schools. 

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    Get through the system to change the system if you're unhappy with it. no, it's not the best. maybe you should learn the ins and outs of it by finishing school and making the changes you see fit to help kids who are struggling like yourself in the future? Dropping out may seem ideal, but in the long-run it will cause a lot of problems and you will probably be met with a lot of regret. It won't take long to finish school, so I suggest you do reconsider your decisions. It's a matter of looking into the future and weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

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    I can think of one thing but I doubt you’d like it. Also nice troll. No one would actually use yahoo answers to find jobs for someone non-high school educated.

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    Almost no one will hire you without a diploma dumbazz, you should at least get your GED. youre going to be one of those society leeches complaining about minimum wage being so low and 

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    If you're a man, something physical  Killing chickens, pigs and cattle. Picking fruit.  With no experience, you probable won't be able to get a job as a janitor.  If you're a man, go talk to the men in front of Home Depot for some ideas.  If you're a woman, check out small motels and hotels for maid jobs.  Possibly some fast food would give you a try.

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    Stop just finish school.  Only 3 things you need to do to be a successful adult. Complete school, have a job and do not have children before you are ready!

    Look at it like this School is free right now, for the rest of your life you will have to pay to learn. Take advantage of the free education.

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    its not a good idea to drop at 16 because as you grow you start to realize how important education is. hence why some people wished that they did better when they were in highschool but they cant, because they missed that opportunity to which is when they were in highschool they chose to just fck every thing up and not thinking ahead, i know school can be annoying but it will benefit you in the future! all you have and need to do is to endure it and tell yourself that you can do it,  if it helps, join clubs, and sports which helps you get motivated to go to school! 

    im not sure if whats annoying you and stressing you is the highschool itself, but if its your surrounding and the people in your school and you just cant deal with it, try moving school and if that doesnt work do go to college since the people youll meet there is different, they have a different mindset, and a lot mature compare to highschool students. Now, how do you enter college without  a diploma? do an open studies! some program accepts open studies courses which you take open studies courses/ subject that would be a pathway to your college program ( ex, business)  youll just have to maintain a certain GPA. AND if it still doesnt work for you then  i dont know if i can recommend you any high end job but i guess just work hard on avg job ( which is not bad) and try your hardest to be promoted and hopefully that will increase your hourly wages and hopefully will be enough for you.

    good luck! :) 

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    you might have to get a ged if you dont want to stay in school

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      In some cases a GED is worth more than a diploma.

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    Movie Actress - no, wait... you need to study drama

    Musician in a band - no, wait... you need to study music theory

    Guess it’s pretty much working in a restaurant, or babysitting.

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      There's also farm work.. But, that also requires some skill & the willingness to do dirty work & for many of these jobs in some locations an Hispanic surname.

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