triumph motorcycle vin search?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    On my 5 bikes (various makes-(spanning from 58-82 the first location is right behind the headlamp on the steering column. There, they(the manufacturer puts a white sticker with all the info about the bike.   Over the years, you tend to rebuild bikes so strip it down to bare frame and repaint it so that sticker disappears if you are not careful.  Then the vin number is stamped into the metal, I would say where the rear brake pedal is, but because this is an "English" bike, there is a good chance it is on the opposite side(so gear shifter side.  Also either under the gas tank or under the seat on the "main frame".  Never on a part that bolts on.  I never had to look because I taped off the sticker before painting. It is usually on a "tab" of flat metal that is then welded to the bike. A couple coats of black paint fills in the number indent so you got to clean it up to see what is actually stamped there.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    VINs are either stamped on  R side of  steering head,

    a label below it on RH frame downtube,

    an abbreviated VIN on LH side, below cyls.

    Or all 3. This puts a VIN number on all 3 major parts of the 'sickle. 

     To do an online search, I'd just type in my state's MVD. DMV, DOT, whatever. Go from there.

    Triumphs are Sweet., Had 3 of them. Miss my '78  T140V 750. 

  • 1 month ago

    VINs are generally stamped on cradle frames between the engine mounts on the right side, facing out.

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