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Selling your Products at a Retail Store?

Instead of selling my products to a retail store I would instead have my products sold, where the store owner would charge a fee for selling my product and I keep the rest of the profit. Could it be done this way also?

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    Absolutely.  Either you sell your products to the store at wholesale prices (they make profit on the difference) or you could setup some sort on consignment (which I wouldnt recommend).  

    Consignment is what you are asking about and this doesnt work in most cases.  There are consignment boutiques for second hand clothing and whatnot, but your idea is a nightmare from an inventory and accounting perspective.  So, you sell to the owners wholesale. 

    A few issues...what kinds of products?  Do you have product liability insurance?  Are we talking about legit businesses or more like bodegas...? 

    • Saul1 month agoReport

      My mother owns a salon. I've been selling on Amazon and eBay and I was planning on selling beauty products I sell online, in my mother's salon, through consignment. I purchase wholesale.

      I'll have to look more into this and liability insurance. I've gained a better understanding now

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    There's only two ways to sell through someone else's store -- you sell them outright to them, or you put it in as a commission item.

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    yes you can do it

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes, it is called "Consignment".

    If this is going to be your primary income, Before you consider this, do you have Product Liability Insurance

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  • Eva
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    Smaller, privately owned shops will sometimes take things on consignment. Big box stores will not.

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    This is how it works. If they sell it for $10 you sell it to the store for $5. They pay you after it sells. 

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