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When in Rome ?

how do you blend in without making a fool of yourself eitherway

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    Try to learn basic phrases.....

    remember..........churches are houses of Worship.....not amusement parks for respectful if worshippers are  praying.  Dress appropiately.

    Italians tend to dress nicely when going out. 

    Italians like to drink, but not to the  point of drunken stupidity.  They don't find it amusing or  funny here.  It's sloppy.  Don't drink more than  you can handle. 

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    Be respectful. Greet shop owners when you go in stores. Follow the rules posted at religious sites.

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    You need to dress in full Roman soldier Lorica Segmentata get up complete with scutum and all

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    Research before you travel/know your way around.

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