What are some drama storylines from The Bold and the Beautiful?

Dont know which one to choose. there was so many good storylines

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  • 8 months ago
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    I have so many storylines that I've enjoyed over the years. There is not enough time or room to mentioned them all. However, one of my favorite that I enjoyed was the storyline love triangle between Nick Marone (played by Jack Wagner)  Brook and Taylor who is Ridge's Ex wife, and Thomas and Steffy's mother. Brooke decided to be an egg donor. Taylor wanted to have Nick's baby but couldn't get pregnant. So she decided she would have his baby another way. However, Taylor didn't know at first, but soon found out she was carrying Brooke baby. Then soon Brook learned about it, so she perused getting custody of her bio-son Jack. This was back in 2008. Taylor knew he was Brooke’s son. Though Taylor tried she was never able to bond with him, so she eventually handed him over to Brooke. The sad thing is this storyline changed quickly. The writers had a great storyline to pursue with it; for example they could have examined problems for Brooke in the aftermath of this decision. Plus, Ridge did have a few concerns with his Nick being his half-brother father, but he eventually accepted the child. The strange thing is once this happened soon Jack vanished and we the viewers have not heard about this storyline of Jack in years. And, to this day, the character/baby Jack has never been mentioned, it as if the child never even existed. I hope they touch on this storyline somewhere down the road, with Jack coming back as a man. 

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  • Yes there are so manyof them that are good, if you haven't seen any of them yet you really need to start from the beginning, like way back in the late 70's or 80's to get the feeling and to find out who is who then work your way to the 90's and so forth. BUT all of my best parts are the one with Shelia Carter and with Quinn Forrester (Fuller) who is now married to Eric Forrester.

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