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Are there any Americans who are not disturbed?

Ever since the economy crashed back in 2008; 

it's clear the whole-country has gone to he--. 

Everywhere you look, families are dealing with 

too many problems. At this point, there are 

40 million homeless people in America. It's 


I'm really very surprised; this 

wasn't supposed to happen.  

Your thoughts?  


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  • Oiy
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    8 months ago
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    In fact, it was only about a year compared to 6 years in the 1930s. The economy has picked up in 2009. The banks have got bail-out. People have lost the home and American DReam. But life is back still. It was not our first time in our capitalism.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Nope very happy with things. Since that illegal muslim POTUS impostor left office, my two retirement checks and 401k's are now worth more since Trump became president.

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  • Dr. D
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    8 months ago

    Actually, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development reports about 1/2 million homeless in the US. This is less than two-tenth of one percent of the population. 

    Since 2008 the USA has enjoyed the best economy in the world. Unemployment is at record lows, inflation is under control, salaries are increasing, and the stock market is hitting record highs. 

    Families are facing problems, but they have always been facing problems. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Hmm... there are about 500,000 homeless, not 40 million.  

    As for the question of whether the country has gone to hell, the big problem is that people today believe that the government should give them free things because of the risk of economic collapse, rather than earning it themselves.  

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  • 8 months ago

    Most people are disturbed with people that are disturbed and its the wrong people. Those that have no apathy for their fellow human beings think only of themselves. The only time they acknowledge the poor and the needy is to condemn them.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Disneyland and Universal studio people are not disturbed.   Start by being nice to foreigners and let them spend their wealth at Disneyland.   stop wasting money on guns such as AR-15 and Glock pistols.  The cowboy mentality is scaring everyone including Foreigners....

    Oh yeah, NBA is also a good income for americans.  Start by selling tickets to people from China, they really like basketball. 

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  • Nowhere near 40 million homeless, but you have some good points.  We need to put the boomer generation to death.

    • Miguel8 months agoReport

      It's not their fault. It's the Federal Reserve. They crashed the world-economy on purpose. 

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