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why is it so easy to steal from Walmart's self-check out?

The self check out stations are not weigh sensitive at either of my Walmarts. I know this from experience. I scan something and put it directly in the bag, and it wasn't recognized. I have done this at both my Walmarts. Why doesn't Walmart fix this issue? It is very easy to to feign scanning an item and put it in the bag. The employee they have monitoring self check out it has no way to keep track of what everyone is doing. There are at least 10 self check out stations.


..And no, it isn't caught on the way out, either. The anti-theft device you have to walk through remained silent.

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    I don't know what Walmart that you have been doing this at but the majority of the scan tags will set off the alarm if they are at deactivated by placing them on the table at the self-checkout. And the machine doesn't deactivate them unless you pass it through the scanner. I don't want to be the one to give it a try because when you get stopped at the door with an item that isn't on the receipt they're going to look at the security tape. And see if the machine was in error or if you simply failed to scan it. It's just not worth stealing it ruins your life you get a police record. And everybody knows that you're a shoplifter. I can do without that

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      ps... your assumptions are wrong.

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    putting aside the other security measures walmart has in place that you didn't mention and probably don't know about ... what are you going to steal that weighs 0.2 oz

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    At my Walmart, from time to time, the greeter lady checks your receipt when you leave.  But I don't know how any one could get busted for shoplifting because you could honestly claim that you thought you scanned the item.

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      She only checks the things that aren't bagged.

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    I've used them, I'm calling BS.

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      no one is claiming you haven't used self-check out before. SMH.

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