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What are Linux first steps?

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    First steps?.....try something easy and functional like Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

    If you are just looking for an OS that does most everything, and not desiring to learn code and write on the command line- then Ubuntu or Mint should be all you ever need. However- should you want to go whole hog and learn it all (if even possible)- then either Mint or Ubuntu will get you on your way.

    I tried Ubuntu back in 2008- and I am not a techno-nerd- it was so easy to install and use- I never looked back to windows. I still use Ubuntu Mate today.

    There are over 300 different Linux OS's (distros) to choose from- and some are strictly for the experienced user. But any or the Ubuntu's, Mint's, Zorin, Manjaro, Elementary, Solus, and many others are fine for first time user.

    Look here-   scroll down page a litle and look on left of page- see the top 100 displayed and their popularity ranking.

    Good luck. Some are easy peasy- others are near impossible for the new user.

    I have been using Ubuntu or Mint for over 11 years.

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