In search of old song from Little People VHS tape!?

Does anyone still have those old Fisher Price Little People VHS tapes? If so, do you have the song "get a job, get a job, get a job, I want to get a job when I grow up..."?


I'm pretty sure it was in the volume "It's a Dog's Life"

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    8 months ago

    "It's a Dog's Life" was part of the 'Someday Me' series (instead of the 'Little People' series).  Looking at the credits from another tape from this series, the lyrics were probably by Jack Hanrahan and Eleanor Burian-Mohr and the music may have been composed by Phil Baron.

    Searching for additional details about "It's a Dog's Life" (which seems to be 'an animated story of what owners do for a living from a dog's point of view.') didn't lead to much about the included song titles. You could contact Fisher-Price, but (given the age of the product) they probably won't be able to help you.    

    Unfortunately, Jack Hanrahan passed away in 2008.

    Fortunately, Eleanor Burian-Mohr seems to be active in other pursuits and might respond to any contact through those (eBay, Etsy, direct email, Twitter and Facebook).

    Phil Baron seems to be active in other pursuits too.

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