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Are you seeing warnings about changing away from YA webpages, like as if the site is still busy doing something?

I'm using Firefox here, and ever since the site got changed, I'm seeing constant warnings about not changing away, as the site is still busy. You then dismiss the warning and try again a second later, and there's no further warning. It doesn't matter how long you way before trying to click away, it will always give the warning at the first attempt but not on second.

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    Yes, that is happening to many of us in the NEW format on all Google Chrome and Firefox that use Android or Microsoft operating systems. It may be happening on the Apple , IOS operating browsers too. The system iS sloe because not all the server computers are on line during beta testing of a new format. Verizon/ Yahoo engineers an IT technicians are probably coding or and alpha testing new computer programs.

    • CarolOklaNola
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      Thank you for best answer.😂

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  • Daniel
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    5 months ago

    Im not seeing anything about that and I use Google Chrome

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Yes, on some questions but not  on all of them.

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  • It is not only Firefox or those using a phone.  This has happened to everyone including myself.  I use Chrome on a laptop and it happens to me.  This does not look like a glitch it is something that Verizon Media added.  No, I don't like it much but it did save me from leaving a question I answered because I forgot to submit.  Now, if I would have left the page I would have lost a long answer and that your upset me more than have that message.

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