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If using a shared washer/dryer, how to protect baby clothes from previous user detergent residue? Is making sure tray clean sufficient?

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    There is no way to prevent it, unless you run it through an empty cycle first with some kind of antiseptic in it. That's why I don't like H.E. clothes washers. They don't rinse well.

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    If you don't have to pay for it, run a delicate cycle load with nothing in it on the high water setting. Stop it after the it drains and reset.

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    Nope. In a shared laundry situation you are going to get residue. It will be all over inside the machine.

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    If you're sharing laundry facilities in an apt building, absolutely A) take pix with your phone of the built-up gunk & any other cleanliness issues & B) take those pix straight to mgmt to demand maintenance get in there & start cleaning NOW. I did that. More than once, since my bldg had a revolving door of mgmt & maintenance. Seals on one washer were moldy in addition to gooky stuff in/around the designated holes for detergent, fabric softener, & even bleach. If you can afford to do a load of nothing, pour vinegar down all the holes. But you should not be the one cleaning the laundry facilities; that's maintenance's job.

    If you're sharing with a relative/friend, unless they're getting up there in years & have a hard time cleaning, let 'em have it about how sloppy they're being. Nicely, of course..."Could you please do_____ when doing laundry? I'm concerned about the baby's clothes..."

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    maybe you can get your own washer and dryer

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    It should be sufficient, if the machine isn't terribly dirty. You don't want to clean the machine with any powerful cleanser like chlorine, which may be poisonous. Vinegar is a safe cleanser for babies.

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    I was also going to suggest the double-rinse option. But the detergent you use should wash out all traces of the previous detergent, and then rinse out itself.

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      I mean, I had a long, full-sized dresser in that bathrm. Fit btwn tub & toilet with rm to spare. Could easily have got in washer/dryer. Sucks to deal with communal laundry rm. One tenant was in wheelchair & wore diapers. If she soiled her clothes, her aide would toss 'em in, poop included. Yuck.

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    Does the washer have a double rinse option ?  Use that or just rinse them again .

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