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In olden times, when a prince dies, what exactly happens? Who is there to become the next king?

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    The son usually becomes the next king; if not, then the next most qualified royalty becomes king.

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    This is why the saying goes, "heir and a spare". History is rife with later born persons who had to take the throne after losing older siblings. This is how you got King John, Henry VIII, Mary I and Elizabeth I.

  • The line of succession used to be much more uncertain - claims to the throne could lead to imprisonment, execution or even war. The Battle of Hastings was about a disputed claim to the English throne.

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    Younger brothers, sisters are next in line of succession. If there are no siblings, an uncle, aunt, or cousin would ascend the throne when time.

    The deceased prince would have a funeral and burial according to court traditions.

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    The next legitimate person in line to the throne or the usurper.

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    His brother..................

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    Usually the eldest son of the monarch was next in li, you mean king not prince, a prince has no throne, it is kings and queens who have thrones to pass on.

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    The usual court mourning and funerary customs are observed.

    Who the next heir to the throne is depends on the laws of the realm.

    In England, this situation has arisen a number of times and the actions taken to resolve succession were eventually codified into succession laws.

    Henry II, changed the rules to allow his daughter to become heir presumptive on the death of her brother.

    Henry VIII, changed the rules to allow his eldest daughters to succeed after his only surviving and legitimate son. 

    Parliament allowed William III to continue reigning as a sole monarch on the death of his wife and then be succeeded by his dead wife’s sister

    George III became heir apparent to his grandfather on the death of his own father

    Alexandrina Victoria became heiress presumptive and eventually Queen after her uncle, after the deaths of her father and legitimate cousins.

    George Fredrick Ernst (George V) was elevated from third in line to second in line after the death of his elder brother 

    If, god forbid. Anything should happen to wipe out the children, grandchildren, & great grandsons of the British monarch AND Princess Charlotte then the laws of succession provide that Miss Savannah Philips would become heiress apparent

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    His second cousin twice removed.

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    He is buried, his brother who killed him becomes the king then u til another brother or son kills him to become king.

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