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My ps4 keeps disconnecting to the wifi?

Every time I try to play modern warefare it lags then boots me from the game its not just my ps4 its my tv to whenever I try to watch youtube or netflix it buffers to much I had storm a couple days ago that cut off the power its back on but ever since its been acting up

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  • 9 months ago

    I see no question posted here

  • 9 months ago

    i would call your internet service provider and ask him how to fix it

  • Shay
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    9 months ago

    If it worked before, then it might just need everything reset.  Turn off all equipment that connects to your Wi-Fi modem.  Then turn off your modem.  Unplug the modem.  Wait for one minute and plug it back in and turn it back on.  Let it reset.  Then turn on your electronics and let them reconnect to the Wi-Fi.

    If that doesn't work - you might need a new modem.  If you had a power surge - it might have affected your modem.  

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