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Got into an accident with a work truck of the same company work for.?

I was in my car going home and the company truck was in front this was at a intersection. The truck decided to reverse at a red right for not reason. Change info but no insurance. Supposable is supervise was going to speak to me the next day. Nothing happen. Then they give a number from corporate office we’re some claims adjuster said he would pay the estimate for the car repair. We agreed he send letters to be  notarized i send them and it’s been like 6 month and nothing does really answer and when he done he say they will send a check that he just processed one. It’s less than a $1000. He says there truck are self insured. What can I do? His manager is super mean.  

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    Could you post this again in the English language?

    YOUR responsibility was to file a Police Report and file with YOUR insurance company.  After that it is the job of the insurance company to represent your interests.

    The fact that your employer owned the other vehicle is not related to how a claim was processed.

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    Bring this to the attention of someone higher up than the person you are dealing with.  If that doesn't work, ASAP file a claim with your own insurance company and allow them to "go after" your company.  That way you are personally out of the picture and you will be less apt to get fired by making waves.

    Tip:  With respect:  Brush up on your grammar so you don't come across as an uneducated "easy mark"

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    Lawyer, but only if you have evidence, like letters, other paperwork, witnesses.

    And it might cost you your job.  You might file for compensation for retaliation by the company if that happens.

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    Dismissed. Repost as a proper question.

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