Can I replace the back of my newly pierced earrings (butterfly back) with something smaller or more comfortable? ?

I recently just got my second and third hole pierced and I know I have to wait 4-6 weeks to replace them but their two butterfly backs next to each other and it’s uncomfortable. They are so big and tight and it’s irritating my ear. So I was wondering if I could replace them with rubber ear backs or a smaller titanium ear back without messing up the healing process?

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  • 8 months ago

    Well I actually have one important question to ask first - did you get your ears pierced with a gun? If so, that would explain the butterfly backings and also why the earrings are too tight. That's a common problem with piercings done by guns, along with the piercings being at risk of developing a multitude of issues including infection, piercing bumps, etc. I am mentioning this only in hopes to prevent you from getting any further piercings with a gun in the future (yes, even lobe piercings), because they are notorious for putting through people through nightmares with piercings. And if you got these piercings with a needle at a piercing shop, then definitely see a different piercer next time. They should not be using earrings like that for new piercings on anyone.

    With that said, I would actually definitely recommend that if you can change the backs of the earrings without removing the earrings themselves, that would be a good idea at this point. If the earrings are too tight you run the risk of skin actually growing over the jewelry, and that is a problem you do NOT want to deal with. If you can't swap the back out, I highly recommend that you go to a piercing shop and have them look at it to recommend what you should do next. Maybe they can help you completely replace the jewelry safely, or suggest a better next step. Good luck!

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    8 months ago


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