What affect will this have on my water heater?

If they flush water mains on my street and my water is rust colored and I go to wash my hands with warm water not knowing they flushed the hydrant will that make my hot water rusty forever until I have someone empty my water heater or can the hot water still become clear after I run the cold tap?

Can I start running the water to clear it when they close my hydrant or wait until the end of their work day?

I have gas heat and radiators if that makes a difference.

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    3 weeks ago
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     Rust is heavy iron particles.  It settles inside the tank on the bottom. Stays inside the iron tank. as cold water enters from the top and keeps the tank full.  The draw of hot water comes out of the middle of the tank.  It is 40,60,100 gallon tank and you mix it with cold water from the tap so you are using maybe 10 gallons of pure hot water.  The rust just lays on the bottom...and does not do anything.

    This is an after- thought but the best thing you could have done is not use the water AT ALL. for the entire day.  That way it stays on the street and other houses suck up the rust.

    Those that never used the water that day have no rust in their water.  It has already been sucked away or settled down.

    Overnight the rust will have become nearly 0.

    It is not a worry.  It is just color.  If you make coffee, tea, juice, you don't notice the colored water. 

    Better that the water is rusty( that indicates steel or iron pipes) Lead does not rust, and that is the poisonous one.

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    When they are done flushing, run your cold water until it is clear. Then run your hot water until it is clear. Might want to shut it off before so you aren't wasting a bunch of hot water, or take a really long shower.

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    You have a sacrificial anode in the water heater to prevent rust, (which should be checked every few years,) Rusty (colored) water from the mains will clear out on its own with HOT water use. Run the washing machine on hot for a load or two to vacate the rusty city water in the water heater.

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    You'll need to flush the hot water heater.  This can be done two ways. 

    1) run the hot water until it is clear.  This will run all the brown water in the tank out, but to be sure, there still may be a bit left that is 'rusty.' 

    2) (This may need an expert to do properly, but I've done it myself.)

    Turn off the water to the hot water heater.  Turn off the electrical/or gas. 

    Attach a hose to the spigot on the bottom of your hot water heater and run the hose over to a drain. Open the Spigot.  Note, not much water will come out.  Now, Take out the sacrificial anode rod (usually at the top of the hot water heater. ) The water will begin to run out.  

    When it runs completely out, turn on the water to the tank for a minute or two.  This flushes out anything left in the bottom.  You can check the water coming out of the hose to make sure it is clear. Then turn off the spigot. The tank will begin to fill.  WATCH the level carefully and when it is near the top, turn off the water to the tank, and insert the anode rod. (If the anode rod is very corroded, which is why it's there, you may wish to replace the anode rod with a new one at this time.) Turn on the water to the tank, and check for leaks.  Turn on electrical/gas (NEVER turn on the electrical unless you are sure the water level is above BOTH heating elements in the heater.) 

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    4 weeks ago

    You asked this at least once last week, why not go back and read those answers?

  • 4 weeks ago

    you're good to clear the water when they have left your street and are several blocks away. flush only the cold water. and don't be a doofus and use the warm or hot

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    4 weeks ago

    Enough with your obsession about rusty water.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Wait until they've finished everywhere round you, otherwise there could still be rust etc entrained in the water.  As the cat says, if you don't use any water, including the hot water, rust won't be drawn into your system.  Just run the cold tap nearest where the water enters your house, which is usually the kitchen tap, until it runs clear.

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    Run cold water from a tap until it clears before you use any other water. This way you flush the contaminants down the drain before they enter your hot water heater/boiler.

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    4 weeks ago

    It won't have any "affect". Only an effect.

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