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My 16 month old will not ear?

My 16 month old refuses to eat even things she likes and has had before. I make her breakfast will eat a couple bits and then not eat again so I go let her play. I will give her lunch and she will wat a couple bits and then spit out the rest and refuse again. And same with dinner. I know she is hungry because if I give her just pasta or fries she will devour it. I do not make different meals for her than my husband, my son (3years old), and myself would eat. We all eat the same food and its usually nothing crazy. Like this morning I made oatmeal for her with strawberries with are her favorite and she spit it out. My grandmother always told they will eat when they are hungry but it is not the case for her. She just let's herself go hungry and get cranky until someone gives her food she really wants which are just carbs and fried food! I am really lost in what to do any suggestions from people with kids that didnt eat at her age.

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    Do not give in to her or you are in a world of trouble because you are starting some very bad habits. Children need to learn early on to eat what is put in front of them. She will not starve to death if she misses a meal. My kids were older than a toddler but it took just missing one supper to learn not to complain about staying in the highchair. They learned to stay in their seat on their bottom and once they got up, the meal was over. This works for not wanting to eat what is in front of them too. By the end of the meal if their plate is still full yet they say they are done the plate gets wrapped up and put up. They can try again at breakfast or at lunch.

    Parents who do what you are doing create very picky eaters. Encourage her to try the food, maybe let her dip it in ketchup or ranch, something fun as toddlers love that. Praise her with each bite and let her see you eating without complaining.

    You have to be firm.

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      Talk to her doctor, it could be sensory problems, where she might not like certain textures of food, or might not want to feel certain things in her mouth. Or she might just be fussy and maybe her tastes are changing. Her doctor might be able to give you techniques to try to get her to eat.

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    You can try giving her fries which are made from turnips or zucchini? They are fewer carbs and you can cook them in the oven. Just cut them into "fries", coat them with avocado oil or olive oil and bake. You can also coat them with egg and parm cheese before baking if you want?

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    The one food you mention that she refuses to eat is oatmeal, which I assume you serve with milk. Lactose intolerance, or milk allergies, is a common allergy. Other common allergies are milk, eggs, fish and nuts (including peanuts and peanut butter). A food she is allergic to upsets her stomach, she will refuse to eat it or spit it out.

    You might want to start keeping a record of which foods upset her, including what that food is normally served with, such as milk with oatmeal or bread with jam. If you notice a pattern, you should let her doctor know.

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    So stop giving her the junk food.  As long as she knows that she can refuse to eat and you will give her the carbs, she is going to continue to refuse to eat.  When she gets hungry enough, she will eat.  A few days of doing that and you will break her of the habit of refusing to eat.

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      We rarely give it to her. Yesterday was the first day I gave her fries in like over 3 months. And then other than tham she just wants pasta. 

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    If there is nothing wrong with her physically, she is coming to understand that if she waits long enough, she'll get what she wants.

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      If she is able to eat chicken fingers and fries, she doesn't have any sensory problems, she just wants what she wants and has no problem holding out for it. 

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    Try giving her softer food.

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      We do. It's mostly chicken, pasta, fish, veggies fruit, oatmeal, chili, and cut in small pieces

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    She doesn't ear but does she eye?

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      Read you question again. There is a typo. 

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