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How can I sell jewellery using a POS or RFID system if I sell jewellery by the gram?

So my father has been a jeweller for the past 40 years and we've had our family-owned jewellery store for about 21 years now. My parents are getting old however, so the responsibilities of running the store with soon fall to me. The problem is, my parents never really bothered upgrading ever since they opened 21 years ago. We still write hand-written receipts with the store name/logo on them; we still physically take out the jewellery items from the showcase to check the karots, weigh them, and use a calculator to get the over all price by multiplying the weight by the price of the gram (ex: 3.57g x $75); we technically don't have a cash's just used as a drawer for the money since all the receipts are by hand; we don't even have a website, we don't even use Excel.....we're still extremely behind. I'd like to modernize so that selling and managing the store will be a lot easier, so easy that a rookie fool can do it Infact. I've recently come to know that most modern stores use a POS or RFID system to sell. I assume this would make things very convenient so that the items can be scanned rather than physically taken out every time. If there's anyone in the high-end jewellery business, I'd like to know if it's possible to use these systems on jewellery and what are some good systems or softwares that I can use. The main problem is that we sell by the gram - we don't have set prices. The price of the gram can change depending on the world-wide gold price. Thank you. 

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  • John
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    The Edge is state of the art for the jewelry industry. It's not cheap.  It's all or nothing at all - you need to commit your entire business to the system. As far as I know it will price daily according to spot. It's nice:

    We use QuickBooks but all we do with it is bookkeeping and then reports to send to the accountant.  Even just for that it's worth every penny.  You can also commit your entire system to it if you want, and have receivables, payables, aging, terms, payroll. It does not do inventory in any serious way. Type QuickBooks into Google and it will pop up.

  • 1 year ago

    You might want to learn how to spell JEWELRY and Jeweler before you start trying to sell it.

  • Judy
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    Lots of meat and produce is sold by the pound, so systems should be able to handle it if they can connect to a scale that weighs in grams.

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