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Traveling Gifts for Christmas?

So I have two family members that have helped a lot this year, and I want to get them a big gift this Christmas. They talk about traveling to Greece all the time, but never actually do it. 

So I would like to buy them a trip there. The only issue it that I most websites make me pick a date of traveling. I want to buy them a certificate but have them pick the dates they want (so I don’t interview their work schedule). 

I don’t want to buy them gift cards to a website because I’m scared they won’t use them or they’ll give them to me since I travel a lot. 

Like I said, I want to buy a certificate that is good for a year. Meaning they have to use it within a year but have the flexibility to pick their own dates. Is that a thing? 

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    The easiest thing to do is to find out roughly what an average trip would cost, and write them a cheque for that amount but rounded up to the nearest 100.

    Tell them it's ONLY to be used on a holiday to Greece.

    Then it's over to them. Maybe when they actually book they'll find that your cheque won't cover every last dollar, and they might have to pay a bit extra, but without your gift they wouldn't go at all.

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    Write out your own certificate and give it to them. Something like

    "This certificate is valid for one holiday to Greece on the dates of your choice".

    Anything that you buy will have too many restrictions. You HAVE to pick dates.

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      This is what happens when you only glance at the header question and don't click to read what it's actually about.

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    All the airlines offer gift cards that you can then give them. They are only redeemable at that airline. Delta's gift cards do not expire.

    Airlines do not offer certificates as the price of the flights can vary greatly.

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    Make your own certificate detailing what the gift is (ie flights to Greece), and what the cost covers (2 standard return flights to Greece)

    This puts the impetus on them to work with you on finding a trip that works for them - and doesn't waste your money if it doesn't happen

    Otherwise you're stuck with vouchers which may not work for them or be used

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    I have the same issue- I've found websites that have airline ticket templates, where you can print out "fake" tickets. Someone here said that there are airline gift certificates- I've never seen that, but I'll look that up because it would solve my problem, to. You really can't book a trip for someone else. 

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    I would chat with them and tell then you'd like to help then take a trip to Greece. You should b clear on what you'll help with, ie airfare, hotels, transfers, food, brothels, tours and souviners. Also, a lot of people "talk" about going places but it's only to sound interesting or sophisticated

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      They use to travel a lot when they were younger, but they haven’t had the option to travel because of bills. I don’t think they do it to sound sophisticated. They do it because they actually want to go but “life” is stopping them to do it.

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    Give them a car or monkey

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    Do not do this for Christmas.   People feel obligated to reciprocate Christmas gifts (or they feel bad if they don't).

    This is a thank-you gift, not a Christmas gift. 

    Most major airlines sell gift cards/gift certificates as do many cruise lines, hotel chains and AirBNB.    No pre-determined dates required.

    Let them make their own travel arrangements and also let them choose their own destination.    You can let them know you hope they will go to Greece, but it's really up to them to decide. 

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