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Homework of electric machines? help me ?

1º trace the family of V curves of a synchronous motor for cases without load, half load and full load where it is seen

the relationship between the armor current and the field current

the relationship between the power factor and the field current

2º using the curves that were drawn for question 1 Explain

a) because it is necessary to increase the excitation to obtain the minimum current when applying the load

B) because at any load the power factor decreases and the armature current increases if the field current is varied up and down from the normal excitation

C) How can a synchronous motor be overloaded without any load connected to its axis?

3º a) describe an inherent advantage of a synchronous motor over an induction motor, as a source of mechanical power

b) What is a synchronous capacitor and how can it be distinguished from a synchronous motor?

c) What are the 3 nominal power factors used in synchronous motors and why do motor motors have different sizes for the same nominal (HP) power?

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    It's in the book!

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