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my hair is so damaged!?

My hair ALWAYS has endless amounts of split ends (even split ends on split ends), it's not extremely dry but it could be a bit better. I don't understand why I have this, I cut my hair every 6-8 weeks and I do split end trims myself due to how many I have, and that still doesn't get rid of them! I do straighten my hair around two times a week as I have curly frizzy weird hair BUT I use protection every single time and I even use other stuff on top of that. I condition my hair and do masks. Please, someone help me I just want healthy hair for once, as everyone else has literally no split ends and I have SOOOO many for no reason. Am I just prone to split ends? Also, it's not falling out but I am loosing a few more strands than usual - but that's not the main problem. I will try to not straighten my hair for a while but I will just have to get used to it. Any other tips? Any help would be extremely appreciated 


Does anyone think taking biotin would be good to strengthen and grow my hair?

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    Make sure you get a trim every 6 weeks, don't do it yourself, get it done at the hairdressers.  Use a cream shampoo and something like Frizz Ease Extra Strength.

    Take a look here, there are lots of useful tips.

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      The thing is I do get a trim by a hairdresser, I only cut split end by myself sometimes

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