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Can she be alcoholic if she drinks half a bottle of wine every evening?

She is 31 and she is drinking about half a bottle of red wine every evening. She does not get drunk but tipsy. She was drinking more in the past but since two years, she drinks only around 400 ml of wine but everyday.

Occasionally if she goes out and drinks more then two glasses of wine or another drinks like whiskey or vodka, she becomes drunk and has a hangover the next day but she goes rarely. 

However normally with the normal daily wine consumption of her, she has no hangover next day. She goes to work, does sport, doesn’t smoke and eats healthy. 

When I talk about the cutting the alcohol consumption, she says it is her ‘the end of the day treat’ and does not want to try stop drinking.

I checked on the internet what does alcoholic mean and she does not fit the description since she does only drink evenings, she doesn’t need to drink to wake up, she doesn’t get violent and she does not drink that much.

But why does she not try to not to drink for a while?

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  • David
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    9 months ago

    Best way to see if someone is an alcoholic is to stop all alcohol for awhile.  Anyone with a physical addiction will start feeling withdrawal within 72 hours.  I go 94+ hours almost every week just to be sure.  If she can't do that once in awhile then she probably is a functioning alcoholic.  There are a lot out there.

  • 9 months ago

    take her back to the woman store

  • 9 months ago

    I don't think so and the reason why she won't give it up is because it's her treat. You stated that she's active, she works, and she takes care of herself. I'm an avid fitness lover and cheat meals are my treat. I just don't eat them all the time. Once a day and in small amounts usually. I don't give it up because it helps me keep balance in my diet so i don't go from eating 100 percent dieting and eating healthy to binging on junk food because i went too long without it. 

    So i have one cheat meal a day and it's helped me find a good balance and I'm able to workout consistently and see results because it's not overdone. But yeah that's why she doesn't try to not drink. Everyone has their thing that they consider their treat. Hers just happens to be red wine and occasionally vodka and other drinks sounds like she just wants to get really drunk every once in awhile. But that's not bad as long as it's not done all the time. The more you pressure her to stop the more you're gonna push her away. She's a grown woman if she wants to drink let her drink.

  • 9 months ago

    I'd say that this is a description of an alcoholic

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  • 9 months ago

    Your last sentence is the red flag. If she can’t stop, she’s likely an alcoholic, but is controlling her habit. The test for alcoholics is to try some controlled drinking for awhile and see how that works. Maybe she can handle it, but time will tell if her intake starts increasing.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Being an “alcoholic” doesn't have much to do with how much or how often a person drinks. An alcoholic is, basically, a person who is addicted to alcohol - who is dependent on it. They might be able to go for days without it if circumstances demand it (like a smoker manages without cigarettes in hospital). An alcoholic is a person who cannot “choose” simply not to drink, they have to.

    I wouldn't expect anyone to be more than “tipsy” or to have a hangover after half a bottle of wine. There are many people who would share a bottle of wine with their companion when having a meal. I have a friend who lives alone and will admit that, if she opens a bottle of wine at dinner, she drinks it all (although she does not do this most nights).

    If she enjoys her couple of glasses of wine in an evening, if they help her relax and unwind and if she feels no ill effects then, from her point of view, why would she want to, “try not to drink for a while”?

    However, although the alcoholic strength of wine varies greatly half a bottle of wine could amount to 5 units of alcohol. Over a week this would, obviously, be 35 units. The UK guidelines suggest drinking no more that 14 units per week and having some days when no alcohol is consumed - to allow the body (particularly the liver) to recover.

    Clearly she is at risk of developing alcohol-related diseases. Really, whether or not she is “an alcoholic” doesn't matter at this stage - not being an alcoholic provides no kind of protection. The majority of people who develop health issues as a result of their alcohol consumption are NOT alcoholics. Many of them are not even especially heavy drinkers (the lady you speak of is not a heavy drinker). They are just moderate drinkers who drink socially or “to relax”.

    If I were you, I'd forget the “is she an alcoholic” question and, assuming you care about her, try to find a way of getting her to realise that her drinking (moderate though it is) is putting her long-term health at risk.

  • blank
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    9 months ago

    From what it sounds like it does not sound like she is one.

  • Clive
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    9 months ago

    That is enough to be an alcoholic.

  • .
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    9 months ago

    OK! So what is an alcoholic? An alcoholic is a person who drinks more or less 24/7. The only time they are not drinking is when they are asleep. This woman is not drinking during the day and only drinks this amount in the evening. She is not an alcoholic. 


    I drink in the evening, I've been drinking in the evening for the last 45 years, 2/3 glasses of orange wine or wine. I drink nothing during the day. I hope this clears it up. Unless she is secretly drinking during the day. ;-)

  • Greg
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    9 months ago

    Not by most guidelines.

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