like alexa's buttons on the show, is there desktop software for mac, to link buttons to the switches i have around house ?

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  • 8 months ago

    If you use devices with a standardised interface such as Z-Wave, you can get a central controller that can be connected to from a web browser or phone app.

    I use a device called a "Vera" for Z-Wave. I can access and control things from anywhere in the world.

    These are the current models of that, mine is a lot older one:

    The problem with a lot of home automation stuff is that a lot of makers try to use their own, incompatible, control system so you are tied to them.

    For things to really work properly you need to avoid those and ensure each device uses the same control protocol, no matter what the make is.

    There are several "industry standard" ones, but Z-Wave seem the best - every device is two-way, so it sends it's status back to the controller, and every device can act as a relay to other devices that do not get a good signal direct from the controller, so the working range and reliability are vastly greater than some one-way, one-controller setups.

    A few examples of z-wave devices:

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