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Do you buy products from weird brand names came straight from China or Japan? ?

Anymore there are not just well known brand names that makes their products in China and sells them over here in the USA but there are very strange brand names that comes straight from China. I've seen this with most if what I buy on Amazon nowadays. 

Like there would be items with a brand name called kokomoto or a brand name shitaki, or oomou, or whakasaki. The quality would be very poor and it would likely break in a couple of weeks. 

Why does Amazon and other companies allow this? Not only does these weird brand names not exist elsewhere the customer service is poor and the product is very poor. 

For example if you DVD player from a brand called uwoki the led on the DVD player would light up the room, the DVD player might last a month, the manual would be all in Japanese or Chinese. Something like that 

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    those 'brand names' are just made up by the merchant that bought a lot of the generic product .. you'll see the same exact product with several brand names .. that said you just have to look at the reviews, alot of times the item is very innovative and if the price is right might be just what you need .. but yeah dont expect to return a cheap generic item or get support, that merchant doesnt even know how to read english most likely lol ...

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Absolutely not..........

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