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when do you know when your period is coming?

 i was wondering when i start my period or when its coming like symptoms

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    Every woman has different PMS symptoms.  Those little things that you might notice before the period starts.  Some of the most common ones include cramping, tender breasts, moodiness, and bloating.  Changes in acne problems and cravings also happen for some women.  

    Some women have almost no PMS symptoms.  

    The best way to know when to expect a period is to watch for patterns.  When you have a period - keep track of how many days until the next period happens.  For the average woman - it is usually about 28 days.  But - not every woman follows that pattern - so you need to track to find how many days happen between your periods.  When you know the average number of days - then you can predict ABOUT when to expect the next period based on that number of days.  Periods can be up to five days early or five days late and not be considered "irregular".  So, even when you know what day it should arrive - you should always be prepared for the chance that it could be a little early or a little late.  

    If you are a young teen and you are waiting on your very first period - then you will not really know what to expect until you have had a few periods and you begin to notice those patterns that happen every cycle.  Also - it could take a couple of years before your periods fall into a predictable pattern for the number of days between each period.  

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