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Does dying your hair once cause significant damage ?

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    It completely depends on the methods.

    For one, dying your hair blonde/blonder results in bleaching so that will definitely dry it ouch, which means condition and deep condition after

    For bright colors and colors that do not bleach your hair won't dry it out as much and I do not typically condition after those, but keep it mind if you do want bright colors, sometimes bleaching is mandatory

    As long as you condition after any bleaching agent or light hair dye, you should be fine, just don't dye it again too soon after

    And if you do plan on bleaching then dying, bleach several days before you plan on dying it and condition up until then to make sure your hair is moist and healthy before applying more product to it.

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    Probably not. Buy hair color that's not harsh and which doesn't contain ammonia. I think ColorSilk is a good one. And it's inexpensive

  • It can but... If you're using a box dye read and follow the instructions properly and you may not end up with a lot of damage. Most people damage their hair when they did some thing wrong. Also you should use products that are meant for color treated hair to help keep your hair looking healthy. 

    If you go to a professional, the risk of damaging your hair is less likely to happen. 

    I've dyed my hair with box dyes many times. It got a bit dried out, but that's what the conditioner that usually comes with the box is for. 

    If your hair does get a bit damaged, trim off the damaged parts. The ends can split up the shaft of the hair and cause it to break off. 

    Bleaching your hair causes more damage to your hair then dying it.

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    In short, the general consensus amongst the celebrity colorists that I consulted with is that, yes, dying and bleaching your hair permanently alters the integrity of your hair. However, if you make sure to get your hair done by an experienced colorist, then the damage should be minimal.

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    it can...............................

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    There’s always some damage caused by dying hair, but if you’re going darker there is less damage. If you’re going lighter, and need to bleach your hair then that’s where you get more damage, but get it done by a professional! They know the safest and most proper way to dye hair

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